Limited Proxy

I (we) ________________________________________________ owners of

_________ Williamsburg Court, hereby appoint (if not designated, such person to be designated by the Board) with power of substitution for me (us) in my (our) name, to vote as my (our) proxy at the Annual Meeting to be held in May and at any subsequent Annual Meeting and Adjournment thereof for a period of Five Years. 

This proxy is valid ONLY for the purposes of establishing a quorum and electing directors.  In the event my (our) voting rights are restricted, this proxy shall be used only for the purposes of establishing a quorum. 

This proxy may be revoked for a particular meeting where I (we) attend and register in person, in writing or in open meeting but does not affect any vote of act previously taken or authorized. 



DATE ___________________    


The above signed proxy, who is the proxy named on the within proxy does hereby designate as the above signed proxy’s nominee _______________________ to act as set forth above. 

PROXY ________________________________________   DATE________________

Please hand sign and Return to: Congress Square I Condominium  PO Box 360426    Strongsville OH  44136, Fax to 1-866-743-3451 or email to

Ballots will be provided only to unit owners with accounts that are current. Any owner with an outstanding balance must pay all  outstanding assessments and fees in full by May 10, 2016 to have a ballot counted at the Annual Meeting. Proxies from or the attendance of owners under restriction shall be used for the purposes of establishing a  quorum.