The Congress Square I Condominium Association has adopted common sense rules and regulations to provide for the efficient operation, management of the Association and for the health, safety and comfort of residents.  These rules are enacted by the Board of Directors and operate in conjunction with the Declaration of Condominium Ownership and the By-laws of the Association.  Association owners and residents by virtue of their ownership or residence in a condominium unit, agree to abide by these covenants and restrictions to the use and occupancy of homes at Congress Square I. We hope you will find them reasonable and will cooperate by upholding them.

The Board requests and appreciates your cooperation in respecting that Board members are not employees and should not be contacted directly on Association related matters outside of Board meetings.  Board Members are not individually responsible for resolving Association matters and can only decide on issues brought to their attention and acted on as a group through the Association Administration .  The Board retains the services of an Association Administrator, condohome limited, to handle property operations.

The City of Middleburg Heights, Ohio also has regulations that must be followed to provide an appropriate and safe living environment.  Association regulations may be more restrictive than those set by the city and the most restrictive regulation will prevail. Certain remodeling projects require building permits and city inspections.  The list of projects requiring permits includes, but is not limited to, heating, air conditioning and hot water heater replacements, patio fence replacement, installation of decks, and the service of certain electrical and natural gas appliances and fixtures.  Contact the Middleburg Heights Building Department at (440) 234-2218 for information.

The Association Rules and Regulations are available in a 1.5 MB Adobe PDF document.  Please also download the recently revised Patio Fence Rule