Town Crier


The Town Crier is our periodical publication for unit owners.  Selected back issues are provided for your reference.  Association Residents may subscribe to electronic versions of the Town Crier and stop mail delivery or opt in to receive special alerts.

October 2018


New Financial Manager, Board of Directors, Insurance, Dryer vent cleaning, Stain and Paint needs, Gas appliance safety, Gutter cleaning, Common Element Services, Final call for Clear Reads meter installation, GFCI outlets.

November 2017


2018 Budget preparation, Winter Preparation, Winter Services, Paint and Stain Colours, Gas Appliance Safety, Ice Dams, Water Turn Off, Remove Door Mats and Pet Tethers, No Wipes in Sewers, Gutter Cleaning, No wiring on building surfaces.

March 2017


Spring Cleaning, 2017 Budget, Neighbors, Property Maintenance and 2017 Projects, Architectural Standards, Insurance, Paint and Stain Colours, Governing Documents, Utility Line Protection

November 2016


Clean Up!!, Bufftech New Lexington Vinyl Fences, Patio Rule Revision, Concrete Replacement, Fall Fix Up.

October 2015


Neighborhood Appeal, Property Review, Recycling, Trash and Fence Rule Changes, Mulch safety, patio fence and door maintenance, Replacement door and window standards and Architectural Review. 

February 2015


Water management, trash management, winter services, garagge door safety cables, new water heater standards, ice dams, appliance safety, insurance information.

July 2014


Clear Reads, property inspection and maintenance, cable wiring restrictions, hazardous waste, home safety, service policies, insurance & owner reports.

January 2014


Budget, Winter services, insurance, antenna and cable wiring restrictions, ice dams, insurance, dryer vent cleaning, gas appliance safety.water issues

February 2012


Trash collection day change, insurance, antenna and cable wiring restrictions, water leaks, service projects & provisions, utility line maintenance, dryer vents, proxies, our 40th year

December 2011


Winter services, pet restrictions and clean up requirements, gas appliance safety, water shutoff, refinancing opportunities, Association finance, collection of enforcement costs

October 2010


Maintenance projects, real estate & financial markets, utility line maintenance, fall & winter services, appliance safety, water shutoff

November 2009


Association Finance, Water, Information Updates, Winter Living, Gas Safety, Security

July 2009


Insurance, Neighbors, Services, Yard Waste, Pets

July 2006

Disaster avoidance and property maintenance