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Welcome to Congress Square I Condominium  Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our Association that we hope makes it easier for you to make your home with us. 

You will discover our resources and the many advantages of our Association.

We are conveniently located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio at the border of Berea, just West of Eastland Road and North of Bagley.  With easy access to I-71, I-480, the RTA Rapid and the Ohio Turnpike, we are convenient to shopping, schools and cultural facilities.  In addition, the beauty and recreation provided by the Metroparks system is close by.


January 2019

2019 Budget - The Board has approved a budget for 2019 with no increase in maintenance fees.

The Association’s Auto Pay service may be discontinued this year.  Participants will be advised of the transition in a separate mailing. 

Mail Payments to:

    Congress Square I Condominium

    15514 Detroit Avenue

    Lakewood OH  44107

    If you use a Bank Bill Pay service, please update the mailing address. 

Payments will also be received at the PO Box 360426 Strongsville OH  44136 and PO Box 42176 Cleveland OH  44142 address. 

If your home is on the market, maintenance fees should be mailed to the Strongsville office.

    Maintenance fees, effective January 1, 2017 

    2 Bedroom       $108.61     

    3 Bedroom       $117.17

    2 Bedroom w/   $119.52     

    3 Bedroom w/   $127.67

    Fees are due on the first day of the month and must be received (not postmarked) by the 10th day of the month to avoid administrative fees.

  • Mail Accounting Inquiries in writing only to:
  • Congress Square I Condominium

    c/o Laskey Costello, LLC

    15514 Detroit Avenue

    Lakewood OH  44107

Day to day account information is not available from the Strongsville Property Administration Office. 

Outside Water Shut Off  - Please turn off the supply to the outside water faucet, which is located under the sink in homes without basements and between the floor joists in homes with basements.  Open the outside faucet to drain the line and leave it open until spring.

Snow Removal - The Association provides reasonable levels of snow removal on up to two occasions per day after snow has accumulated to a level that exceeds 2” at certain times of the day.  Services are provided in multiple stages and daily movement of parked cars is necessary for effective snow removal.  Services are provided after overnight snowfall that exceeds 2” and again in the late afternoon hours if another 2” of snow accumulates.  Services are not provided on a continuous basis during blizzard conditions and salt is not normally applied.  Residents are responsible for snow removal  when the Association’s contractor does not provide snow services.

Remove  Pet Items - It is essential that all pet tethers be removed from the sidewalks and other areas in front of  your home.  These items are easily hidden by snow when services are performed and can cause damage to equipment and personnel resulting in extreme delays and inconvenience in delayed snow removal or personal injury to workers. Pet chains and leashes are NEVER permitted on the common areas and must be removed immediately.

November 2018

Brick Mold Replacement

The wood trim around certain garage door frames, known as "Brick Mold" will be replaced as weather permits on homes where the material has deteriorated. 

Landscape Maintenance

Our landscaper will be performing the following services during the next few weeks into the winter months:

  • Removing weeds and plants from around utility meter areas
  • Removing leaves from the property after final leaf drop
  • Cleaning all gutters after final leaf drop

Leaves are collected throughout the property and placed at the curb for later collection, which may be on a day after they have been placed at the curb.

Masonry Repairs

A masonry contractor recently worked on face brick at the foundation of buildings to replace deteriorated brick and mortar primarily at the point where utility meters are located.  Other brick work on buildings was inspected and repaired.

Holiday  Closings - The Association Administration office will be closed on Friday - Wednesday, December 21 - 26 for Christmas and Friday - Wednesday, December 28 - January 2 for the New Year’s holiday.


The latest edition of The Town Crier is available

A property review has been conducted to identify owner and certain Association maintenance responsibilities and notices have been sent to owners where upkeep items are in need of attention.  Please observe the completion date in the notice and contact us for clarification or additional details. Thank you for your general upkeep of the areas around your homes. 

Change Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries - When Daylight Savings Time arrives, it is a good time to change the batteries in your smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

March 2018

    ALL Patio Replacement Work Requires Architectural Review - The Association now requires that ANY replacement of a patio fence (wood or vinyl) or patio floor surface (concrete, flagstone, pavers, deck, etc.) be reviewed IN ADVANCE OF CONSTRUCTION.  Project details must be submitted along with an Architectural Review form at least 20 days in advance of the start of the work.  Patio floor surfaces MUST be lower than the level of the interior subfloor and these exterior patio surfaces must be located at least three inches (3”) from the building siding.  

    Insurance Certificates  - The Association’s master insurance policy renews each year in February.  Many lenders ask for updated coverage information in the months thereafter and you may receive a letter asking for policy details. If you receive such a letter please either mail, fax or  or e-mail a copy of the complete letter to us.  If you mail us an original document, we will return it to you.  The Association’s insurance carrier will issue a new certificate and mail it to the lender.  Please note that we cannot take certificate requests by telephone.   

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS TRASH PICKUP DAY IS MONDAY - All Trash Collection and Recycling Pickup in the City of Middleburg Heights occurs on Mondays.  Please do not place items at the curb before Sunday evening at 6:00 PM.  Trash cans and recycle bins must be removed from the curb the evening of collection. 

    Detailed information is available from the City of Middleburg Heights

    Unit owners are responsible for the maintenance, painting and staining of patio fences, front and garage doors. Paint and stain colors are listed below.  All colors are available only from Sherwin-Williams Stores.  Be sure to use stain and not paint on patio fences as the paint will peel. 

    Increasing Longevity - It is recommended that garage doors be primed and painted about every 2 years and that the rubber weather strip at the bottom of the door be in good condition. 

    Patio fences also should stained every other year.   Our observation is that doors and fences that are not maintained simply do not last very long.  Each item, if properly maintained should have a life of about 25-30 years with meticulously maintained wood items lasting over 40 years.


Body/Patio Fence


Accent/Front Door


Lazy Gray SW6254

Spatial White SW6259

Distance SW6243


Muslin SW6133

Basket Beige SW6143

Rocky River SW6215   (River Green)


Discreet White SW6266

Proper Gray SW6003

Liberty Blue SW2942 (Deep Navy)


Utterly Beige SW6080

Realist Beige SW6078

Arresting Auburn SW6034 (Berry Red)

September  2016

      Patio Fences  - The Board has approved a revision of the Patio Fence Rule 1997-1 which will permit the replacement of patio fences with the Bufftech New Lexington vinyl fence materials.  New fences must use only the single selected manufacturer’s product.  At the present time, a limited number of installers have provided information to the Association that they are available to install Bufftech New Lexington Vinyl Fences and may offer quantity discounts to owners if multiple installations are scheduled within a contractor specified time.  See the Contractor Referrals Section for contact information.  As the change has been adopted as an option, owners may still replace fences in wood, following the design standards in the rule.  Owners with  wood fences are expected to maintain standards at their property with periodic staining and repairs. 

      Label Trash Cans   - If a trash can is used for the storage of refuse, it must be labeled with the house number.  Remember to bring the can back from the curb on the collection day.

    Property Maintenance

      We have also advised that the the City of Middleburg Heights has conducted an inspection and has sent notices to unit owners.  Please contact the Building Department regarding their notices.

      Please review the contractor referral list for possible sources to provide work for you around your unit. A referral does not imply any warranty or guarantee from the Association for the work of any contractor. Please let us know of any obsolete information on the referrals list or of any other contractors who may be available to serve the Association.


July  2014 

      No Wiring on Buildings to Second Floors for Cable or Satellite Dishes

      Wiring for cable or satellite television reception for second floor rooms may not be located on the surface of the buildings or the roof.  Satellite dishes may not be placed on any part of the common elements, including the roof or walls. The patio fence is owner controlled property where satellite dishes may be mounted.

      Please do not flush the following items into the sewer system:

    • Diapers 
    • Baby  and personal wipes
    • Feminine Hygiene products
    • Dental Floss
    • A sewer backup can affect as many as 16 other homes.  The Association does not provide for the cost of cleanup inside the unit after plumbing services are complete.   It is recommended that all residents have sewer and water backup insurance to cover losses, clean up and other services that may be desirable after a sewer overflow.

      Clear Reads

      The Cleveland Division of Water is in the process installing remote water meter reading technology in the area.  Questions should be directed to the Clear Reads Call Center at  1-877-309-8907 or the Cleveland Division of Water at 216-664-3130.

      Residents must secure all pets and are responsible to provide three feet of clear space around the inside water meter.  In some cases, the washer and dryer must be moved to provide this space in advance of the visit. 

      The wiring to the remote meter end point will have to be changed at your home (at Water Department Expense).  Inform the scheduler that you need to have a 3 wire remote meter installation  when making an appointment and confirm that the new equipment can be installed at your home on the scheduled date and that the technician who services your home will have a 28 foot ladder on the truck to reach the second story of your home if your home does not have a basement.   If the technician does not have the 28 foot ladder on his truck at the scheduled time, the installation cannot be completed. 

      A copy of the Clear Reads Informational Brochure is available.    


      Home Safety Alert

      It is very important, for the safety of you, your family and the other residents of your building that proper safety practices and equipment be operated and maintained in your home.   Your adherence to periodic maintenance and awareness is necessary to provide safe operation of gas appliances and minimize the possibility of the effects of carbon monoxide buildup in the home and a visit by the fire department and paramedics.   The following items should receive your immediate attention:

    • All new furnace and water heater installations require a building permit  issued by the City of Middleburg Heights.  You should see the building permit before any work is started at your home.  Final payment to the contractor should only be made after the work has been inspected by the City and a green approval sticker has been placed on the  equipment.  Contact (440) 234-2218 for contractor licensing and permit requirements.
    • Failure to follow the permit and inspection process or work performed by relatives or friends often leads to visits from the fire department with work that does not follow codes. 
    • Flue pipes or the mortar that seals the pipe to the chimney must not be rusted, cracked or loose.  Repair any damage immediately.
    • All sources of combustion need a supply of air to burn safely to minimize the production of excess carbon monoxide gas, a byproduct of all fossil fuels.  The duct that provides combustion air from the attic should not be obstructed by attic insulation or by items in the utility room.  Air flow should be apparent when the furnace is operating.
    • Columbia Gas requires only fully louvered doors at the entrance to the utility room from the kitchen in homes without basements.  If you have a solid door at your home, it should be removed immediately until you can install a louvered door. 
    • Furnaces and hot water tanks should be cleaned and adjusted annually
    • All homes must have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed according to manufacturer's instructions.  Proper location of detectors is important to prevent false readings and to insure that units are audible in sleeping areas.
    • The Middleburg Heights Fire Department recommends that photoelectric or combination smoke detectors be used as opposed to a single ionization type of detector.  Devices are available that communicate to detectors installed on multiple levels of your home and coordinate alerts from different detectors.  Additional information is available at
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have a finite life.  Most should replaced when 5-7 years old.
    • The replacement of windows, addition of insulation and other steps aimed at reducing air infiltration into the home may reduce the efficiency of the original design of the attic vent and other sources of combustion air may be necessary.  If basement areas have been remodeled, it may be necessary to provide an alternate supply of outside air for combustion as the addition of walls and sealers may block the flow of air for combustion.
    • Do not warm up cars in the garage or park vehicles by backing them into the garage. 
    • Gas dryers, kerosene heaters or fire pits cannot be safely used in or around our homes.   There are generally two efficiency levels for new gas furnaces - 80% or 90% AFUE.  Either type may be installed with permits from Middleburg Heights. When replacing your furnace, you should seriously consider the 90% AFUE variety due to the increased safe operating environment.  A variance is necessary from the Association when the installation requires a plastic vent installed through the roof
    • The Department of Energy has information at
    • Do not store propane gas tanks for grills in the home or garage. Return them to the dealer.


    Association News and Alerts

      Congress Square I residents may subscribe and receive the Town Crier by eSubscription rather than by regular mail.  You will receive a special notice with a link to the newsletter when an issue is published.  You also may subscribe to special resident alerts to notify you certain information of community interest such as area construction projects and the like.


    General Community Information

    • Please observe the MONDAY trash pick up schedule by not placing items at the curb before Sunday  evening. Tires, batteries and appliances containing refrigerants must not be placed at the curb
    • Recycle RIGHT. Place items to be recycled on the RIGHT side of the driveway.
    • Containers are available at the City Service Center on Engle Road for disposal on non trash days during  business hours.
    • Pet owners are responsible for the immediate clean up of pet waste, dogs must be hand leashed whenever they are outside of the homes and and dogs may not be tied up in any place other than within the gated patio fence areas.  Pet cables and chains are not permitted on Association property at any time during the year.
    • The Ohio Fire Code prohibits the use of charcoal and gas grills within 10 feet of any building in a multifamily dwelling.  Violations should be reported to the non-emergency (do NOT call 911) telephone number of the Middleburg Heights Fire Department (440) 243-1212.
    • When storing gas grills, it is essential that propane tanks are stored OUTSIDE of the building, Under no circumstances should tanks be stored in garages or in the homes.


    Annual Association Meeting

      The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Association is held each year in the month of May each year.  This meeting is for the election of Board Members and the presentation of reports from the Board as well as any other business specified in the agenda for the Annual Meeting. The attendance of a majority of members is required either in person or by proxy.  A proxy permits owners to attend the meeting without appearing in person and assigns voting rights to the proxy holder.  Annual Meeting  Proxies are valid for 5 years but are used only for attendance purposes and to elect Board Members and may not be used for any other purpose. 

      Unit owners must be current in the payment of maintenance fees, otherwise voting privileges are suspended and proxies serve only for the purposes of establishing a quorum

      Questions of a general nature are entertained but the Annual Meeting is not designed to accept requests for services at an individual home which can be best handled via a Service Request or to receive complaints, which must be received in writing to maintain the confidentiality of the complaining party.  These items are best addressed throughout the year to insure timely attention or placed on the Agenda of  a regular Board meeting for consideration.

    Board Meetings

      Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to unit owners. Fifteen minutes at the beginning of each Board meeting are allotted for homeowner participation, where unit owners may address the Board, present questions for later consideration and provide input. The balance of each Board meeting is for the Board of Directors to conduct the agenda related business of setting the policies of the Association. Unit owners may remain in attendance as observers, but not participants, during this part of the meeting. Certain portions of Board Meetings, defined as Executive Sessions, may be closed to unit owners. Items considered in Executive Session include legal matters, personnel issues, certain contractual matters, hearings and consideration of the issuance of sanctions against homeowners for violations of the covenants and restrictions. Contact us for the date, time and location of the next Board of Directors meeting, or refer to the meeting notice posted in this section of the website.

      Association / Annual Meeting -  February  2019 / May 2019

      Board Meetings - November 12, 2018 - December 20, 2018

      Budget Meeting - December 20, 2018